Hi, I'm James Collins

Frontend/Full Stack Javascript developer/designer & Entrepreneur

About Me

I am an economics graduate turned self taught Designer/Frontend/Full-stack Javascript developer. Constantly learning, and thinking big, even about tiny things.
Loves efficiency, automating things and doing things “properly”.
Also a huge petrolhead and skier.

Businesses, projects of mine and work experince listed below:


Responsible for the build of the Dojo isomorphic single page application website (dojoapp.co), using the design specs and implementing the existing API. Decided to use the latest technologies for the stack (React, Redux, ES6, CSS3, SaSS, Webpack & Express) and implemented CI (using Codeship) to facilitate easy, zero-downtime deployments to various stages of environments running on Amazon Elastic Beanstalk.

Also worked on the subsequent internal “Admin Panel”, built using the same tech stack, and the backend and API services (Running on Express, AWS RDS (Postgres), S3, Cloudfront, AWS Lambda) that power over 700k downloads on Android and iOS.

Additionally, I worked on our DevOps and CI and was spearheading the consolidation of dedicated EB environments per app to a Docker based consistent microservice architecture running on Docker Swarm (Rancher), for cost-savings and developer sanity - Also utilising the ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana) stack and NewRelic for logging and instant visibility across the entire tech estate.


What originally started out as a “simple” learning project for me to learn Javascript and hybrid apps, my attention to detail turned it into a production ready Meteor app available for iPhone and Android published in the App and Play Stores.

Using the Meteor framework and Cordova plugins, CarSpot is an “instagram clone” for car spotters and photographers, with the UI and UX designed by me as to not look to "iOS-y" or too "Android-y", but using inspiration from Google's Material design.

Powered on Modulus.io using a Bitbucket private Git repo with Codeship continuous integration, S3 for image storage (full original resolution, non cropped versions) and the incredible Imgix.com for the JIT resizing and image CDN (making the image square and serving it at a speedily downloadable size), and Compose.io for the hosted MongoDB database.

I’m in the process of writing up a blogpost explaining in detail the workings of the app and how I made it mysely the massive amount of things I’ve learned (and thanking the amazing package creators and bloggers/tutorials that made it possible for a learning developer to make something like CarSpot!)

Particle Digital

An official business front for my web design services for local businesses. Branding and design all done by me. Focusing on high quality Wordpress websites, editing themes and building from scratch, along with local SEO, hosting and support. I am also a Google Apps authorised reseller and provide remote IT support services to a number of clients, having moved them from legacy, non-cloud systems. If you’re interested in a website in the Cambridgeshire area, please get in touch!

Blue & White Locations

(currently idle) - Setup in 2010, Blue & White Locations is my company that markets the most luxurious ski chalets from across the Alps on behalf of the independent chalet operators. Entire business (branding, website, advertising and client acquisition) done by me.

Merging of blog and personal site revamp coming soon...


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